Let’s be frank…
by Neil Roberts, 11th May 2021

We were contacted by one of our customers (a large further education institution) after a security update to their network had unfortunately deemed their longstanding reliable franking machine “a risk” and would not let it connect to the network. As such, staff were then having to physically take large quantities of mail to a local post office. Nightmare!

The college had already been quoted £720+ to connect the franking machine to a dedicated fixed internet source on a 24 month contract PLUS installation costs.

However, we were able to offer a much easier and cost effective solution by providing a 4G router with a standard data SIM card on a 30 day rolling plan. A fraction of the hassle and price!

Data SIM Cards (standard dynamic or fixed IP) and 4G/5G routers are not only quick fixes but effective fixes.

Please give us a call on on 0114 229 9132 or drop us a line at hello@justtelecom.co.uk fif you would like us to find a solution to your frustrations!


Is your telephone system working for your 2021 needs?
by Neil Roberts, 13th April 2021

We’re finding that more and more of our customers are requiring their telephone systems to be reconfigured to suit their new working requirements.

“We found that our telephone system just wasn’t working for us anymore. With the team being split up with some being at home, and some in the office, we couldn’t work out who was available/unavailable which resulted in calls being missed/lost.

We had a fear of changing things in case we broke the whole thing but Just Telecom were able to re-route our calls and change the hunt groups without any impact to the business. We’re now able to work so much more efficiently and wish we had contacted Just Telecom earlier – it would have saved a lot of frustration for the team and for our clients”.

Team Leader, Charity Helpline, Sheffield

We find that there is a common fear with our customers of changing anything in case the system stops working completely but this really is not the case and re-routing calls and creating/changing hunt groups do not need to be feared.

We fully understand and appreciate the importance of an efficient telephone system and we can effectively make yours suit your 2021 requirements and we’re here for you regardless of whether you are an existing customer or not.

Give us a call on 0114 229 9132 or email at hello@justtelecom.co.uk for a commitment free and honest chat. .